Gabrielle Santiago Design
Past - Present - Future




When Gabrielle was seventeen years old she visited The Royal Chateau of Versailles in France. Upon her visit she immediately fell in love with the influential baroque style established by Interior Designer, Charles Le Brun and Architect, Louis Le Vau. Although you can read descriptions pertaining to each room while touring the Chateau; it is within the detailing of the wallpaper, architecture, and matching textiles that tell an even bigger story. That was the moment when Gabrielle realized the thing she wanted most, was to create one of a kind timeless and telling designs in order to visually capture a story for years to come.  



Each custom designed piece that we create at Gabrielle Santiago Design is an authentic reflection of the client's past and present and by creating a modernized silhouette of these stories within our custom designs we provide the future. Each custom design has a valuable meaning that is a representation as a character from the client's life storybook. When it comes to custom design, Gabrielle is extremely detailed with her one-of-a-kind design process. Each design has multiple variations that go under extreme review in order to proceed to the selection process. Gabrielle then creates and selects three options of what she believes relates best both aesthetically to the room and to the clients story. Upon selection those designs are presented to the client, produced locally, and installed by our select professionals. 




We create one-of-a-kind patterns that relate to your story and transform them into all things textiles. Napkins, window treatments, bedding, fabric for upholstery, etc. Allow yourself to be embraced by luxurious custom 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy down duvets, beautiful table napkins that correspond with your draperies, and fabulous upholstery that reflect your wallpaper. 


It's no secret that walls can not talk but what if we could do the talking for them? Gabrielle believes your walls should be treated as the cover page of your book. Your walls define the tone for the rest of the story within a room. Our innovative custom wallpaper printing process ensures that we deliver incomparable quality, value, and exceptional one-of-a-kind design. From customized nursery wallpaper with your children's initials, hand drawn and watercolored flowers that are favorited by your mother in law for your guest room, to a signified memory from your wedding for your master bedroom. The options are limitless. 


Our custom designed furniture is made in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. We oversee the entire production process to ensure that the furniture is built to perfection based on our design plans and specs according to each individual room. We provide samples of fabric to choose from or can have the custom furniture covered in our custom textiles. 


We are huge advocates for up and coming artists so we collaborate with some of the best within your city to create custom art for your space. We also custom create home decor for your table top including but not limited to napkin holders, table runners, salt and pepper shakers, picture frames, candle holders, etc.