Gabrielle Santiago Design
Past - Present - Future




Gabrielle believes Interior Design is a self discovery process for a client that is moving, emotional, and enthusiastic. Through Gabrielle's esoteric design process she has clients provide two items. One item from their past and one item from their present. Through this process heartwarming stories are told with an attached sense of history from the client's items provided. It's passionate, sensitive, spontaneous, yet temperamental and raw. This allows Gabrielle to relate to the clients and break down the walls in order to create something outside the box, well thought out and meaningful. 



Gabrielle designs around emotion so each design pitched to the client by Gabrielle Santiago Design encapsulates a feeling. Through those designs Gabrielle tells their story. The emotional connections and feelings associated with Gabrielle's design comes from a variety of places and things. Sometimes these emotions are within Gabrielle's control with elements such as color and tone and other visual cues that have been hidden within custom design i.e wallpaper,textiles etc. The highest level of the emotional visual thought process is reflective. It's an interpretation an understanding of a visual element combined with feelings about it.

Each custom designed piece that we create at Gabrielle Santiago Design is an authentic reflection of the client's past and present and by creating a modernized silhouette of these stories within our custom designs we provide the future. Each custom design has a valuable meaning that is a representation as a character from the client's life storybook. When it comes to custom design, Gabrielle is extremely detailed with her one-of-a-kind design process. Each design has multiple variations that go under extreme review in order to proceed to the selection process. Gabrielle then creates and selects three options of what she believes relates best both aesthetically to the room and to the clients story. Upon selection those designs are presented to the client, produced locally, and installed by our select professionals.