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Designer, Gabrielle Santiago specializes in custom design to compliment the past and present. Through her one of a kind process she is able to encapsulate timeless design for many years to come in the future. Gabrielle believes your home is a direct reflection of who you are and through her process she tells the client's unique, one of a kind story. 

As a native of Pennsylvania, Gabrielle takes great pride in conserving structural and historical integrity. So, when it came time to launch her own firm she decided to do things differently that set her apart from everyone else. 

Gabrielle moved to Los Angeles after high school to attend college at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Upon college graduation she moved to Chicago and New York City where she spent the beginning years of her career training alongside a few notable interior designers. Eventually this opportunity lead to ghost designing home decor and fabric lines for many well known celebrities. After a successful start in the industry Gabrielle vowed to never ghost design again unless it was finally under her own name. So, At the young age of 23, Gabrielle Santiago Design was established.

Quickly after launching GSD, Gabrielle began turning heads in the entertainment industry. Although she was the youngest in history to be asked onto HGTV's hit show " House Hunters Renovations" she also began appearing on many other television shows, magazines, and was even asked to decorate the White House for President Obama's last Christmas in office. 

Today, Gabrielle Santiago Design continues to partner on residential and commercial projects both domestically and internationally. Gabrielle also partners with many well known brands and social media platforms. 


As a designer I celebrate historical and structural integrity. I’m an expert at rediscovering the past and reuniting the present in order to compliment the future. In fact, many clients come to me with homes that have a sense of history attached and I become the of sorts to reveal pre-existing information of the site and structure in order to design around the history and revive the original thought process back to reality.