What does color mean featuring Amanda Gibby Peters.


The Feng Shui map, known as the bag [bah-gwah], is a life-sized vision board. With 8 ‘life areas’ as its center, this map interprets our space energetically and provides us an opportunity to affect positive change in our lives. Because most people can perceive and practice it on their own, the bag is a popular starting point in Feng Shui.

Each life are is governed by one of the five elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal- This relationship is often expressed on the map through color. So, a common approach for Feng Shui beginners is to nourish the element ‘most at home’ in a life area through color.

Which is why Amanda Gibby Peters and I have partnered to make this as simple as possible for YOU! We often hear a different version of the same question which is “what color should my love area be if I want to attract a partner into my life?”

When we incorporate the element of any given life area into our decor choices, we favor the energy on tap for that space and with 8 life areas in possession of some life-changing magic, who doesn’t want to let a little color loose to see what happens? So, feast your eyes on this little graphic and get the Farrow and Ball colors out. Whether you paint the walls or simply top a fresh coat of pop to a bookshelf or table, this is one way to confidently create a space that feels as good as it looks.