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DIY Pegboard

Pegboard Supplies

Things you will need:

(1) 4’x8’x1/2″ sheet of plywood
(1) 4’x8′ sheet of normal pegboard

(1) 1'' Drill Bit. 

Pegboard measure

lay your peg board on top of the ply wood and Start by figuring out the spacing of your holes, this determines how far apart you want the peg holes to be. I figured that my holes needed to be 6 holes apart due to the size of my board. 


Next, You're going to need your 1'' drill bit for this part. I started by using my drill to then switched over to my 1''. This allowed a steady nice follow through without fracturing the patina. 


I knew that my original intensions were to paint the board so I wasn't too worried about the face coming off it was just important for the holes to be smooth so I used my sander in and around the holes for a softer touch.


After all holes were complete I was able to space the shelving according to what I intended on styling with and painted the entire board. TADAA!!! There you have it! 

Gabrielle Santiago