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Here’s how it’s done:

A home is only as good as the memories you keep or make in it. You have to find a way to branch new style and history together in order to preserve that nostalgia.

  1. Culture. Include your family’s history or story within the decor in a subtle way. My grandfather started a trucking company from nothing in my home town so I have his first model-sized truck showcased on my office book shelf. It makes me work harder every time I look at it.
  2. Texture. This could be something as simple as an oriental rug passed down or you can create your own texture via wall coverings. Some of my favorite textured wall coverings are designed by Innovations and Phillip Jeffries.
  3. Pictures. I love to see family photos as soon as I walk into a home. It gives off a sense of feeling before you even walk inside. I find vintage frames that are perfect as they are or can use a little DIY TLC. Display them on the wall or organize them on an entry table. Don't feel like they all need to match. It creates more dimensions when they are mixed.
  4. Re-Design. We all have some piece of furniture that was passed down through our generations. Combine something old with something new. Whether it's an old armoire or your Grandmother's chair, adding some modern fabric, hardware or finish can improve the look drastically and make you feel less guilty for hiding or getting rid of it.
  5. Comfortability. Persevere the functional process and add comfortable furniture and colors to your home. You want to create an environment that is welcoming and warm in order to create those memories to come. I love a good restoration hardware couch. The classic look seems to integrate well with any style or look and it's like sitting on a cloud! Perfect for that family game or movie night.

Gabrielle Santiago