Gabrielle Santiago Design has exemplified story telling through Gabrielle’s unique process built around practicality, functionality, and personality in order to construct a home worth loving. Her custom and one of a kind design can be seen from unique modern commercial spaces to opulent private residences in New Orleans, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Newport Beach, Stone Harbor, New York and Malibu.

Award winning and Congressionally nominated Interior Designer, Gabrielle Santiago bases her work on an authentic approach through a one of a kind process that encapsulates feeling and timeless design for many years to come in the future.

From her years working as a celebrity ghost designer in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, Gabrielle developed her remarkable aptitude and passion for designing custom textiles, wallpaper, and furniture. From working along side other veteran interior designers, Gabrielle came to understand the importance of progressive and perennial design.

Building on her career, Gabrielle's auspicious approach translated into the development of luxury homes domestically and internationally. Her hands on emotional and innovational technique impacts every decision of the design process, from design to construction and manufacturing. Her creative collaboration with area craftsmen, local suppliers, and her early commitment to one of a kind design connected with intention, engaged the high-end clientele she designs for today. 

Gabrielle designs to serve a purpose for the higher good so your home can become a valuable tool to improve your everyday life.